Dex Fx Markets is the latest installment of the Dex brand from the team that brought you Dex Signals, Dex Trader and Dex Indicators. 
Having been in the forex and binary options business for almost 6 years now, the Dex brand has gone through many adjustments to keep up the pace of these hectic niches! Our original Nadex Signals, The Daily Signals Set, is Still going strong and it has helped us to develop the other signal sets along with the vast amount of tools and training that Dex Fx Markets now carries!

Our story begins in early 2013. Maxx Fairo and Brian Fairo, along with their partner in crime, Amy Kypers, decided that we needed to get into another industry to help our Internet Radio Empire, Our City Radio. Though we were in 100’s of cities across 15 countries, we weren’t bringing
in enough revenue to cover the costs brought on by the massive amount of independent artists that were submitting their music to us, and using our pages to bring in listeners and fans for themselves. The beginning’s of Dex was born!

I don’t need to go into too much detail to say that when we first started out, we fell right into the hype that most forex and binary options companies lay down these days everyone falls into when first trying to find a reputable forex and binary options company. It seems that these companies lay down a lot of hidden rules. We were duped into placing large sums of money into “auto-trading” accounts, and at first, we thought it was working out great! We brought many people into it with us. We soon enough found out that we were not getting auto trades made, we were getting bogus “bonuses” added to our account and to top it off, when we tried to withdrawal the first time, we were met with silence.

We were never able to get that situation resolved. We lost not only our network of radio stations but many friends along the way. This did not sit very well, and in early 2013, Maxx, Brian, and Amy decided to hit back! While Maxx was busy creating the algorithm that we still today, and trading, Brian began to put the first version of Dex Signals together while Amy seamlessly greeted and helped people with her amazing customer service. It wasn’t long after, version 2 of Dex Signals came out, and the rest has become history!

With the strong desire to help as many people as possible, the Dex crew has expanded in both online entities, and in the people we are proud to call family! We welcome you to our latest version of the Dex brand, Dex Fx Markets. Take a look around, Pick our Nadex or Forex packages, or Join as a Free Member and see how we here at Dex Fx Markets can help you find your idea of success! Thank you for your time and remember to Always Trade Well!