Discord Trading Room for Free Members

Hi everybody! Tune in to my introduction video for our new Discord Trading Room for Free members. I’ll show you all the things that you will have access to as a free member. You will watch us trade the Dex Atomic on Nadex too! I hope to see you on the inside, this is gonna be a blast! And as always, trade well!

The Xedan Nadex Auto Trader in Action, 1 hour Nadex Strategy

Have you been searching for A True Nadex Auto Trader? The Xedan Nadex Auto Trader is a stand-alone software that trades just like you would! Set your strategy and let it trade! Watch as Maxx from Dex FX Markets sets his 1-hour strategy! Then click the button below to get more details on how you can get your license for the Xedan Nadex Auto Trader.

You better hurry though, only 300 Total licenses will be released and almost 1/2 are gone!

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Dex Fx Markets: Nadex Trader Spot Light: James L

Welcome to the Nadex Trader Spotlight!

Dex Fx Markets is showcasing some of the Nadex Traders we have and how they go about trading using Dex Fx Markets Nadex Signals!

Today's Spotlight is James L

James trades Manually using Dex Fx Markets 1 hour and 2 hour Nadex Signals

James works in the oil industry and does Not have a lot of time for trading, but listen as he explains how he uses the signals to quickly and easily decide if a signal is worth taking

Stay tuned as we Spotlight more Traders over the coming weeks

Dex Fx Markets Nadex Trader Spotlight: James L

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