“Follow through Christophe”

My mother died on this day 40 years ago, 3 months before my wedding day to my still lovely bride, Nancy.

My mother knew amongst my many weaknesses that following through was near the top of list.

Following through is crucial to success. All of you who swing a golf club, take a slap shot, pitch a baseball know that your follow through is a key to getting the ball or puck to go where you want it to.

Since coming on board with DexFxMarkets when Bitcoin was $480 it was clear where we wanted to end up. Now we had some trials along the way of course, but each trial we learned something.

We also learned from our successes, DexAtomic, then the DexAtomic X, and now the DexAtomiX, a semi-auto trading system for Forex Binaries on Nadex.

We even have an Auto Trading Bot that connects directly to Nadex using what we call our Xedan, Nadex spelled backwards, lol

More on that in future posts.

Coming back to following through, we have kept our focus on making our trading system better and better so that our customers can trade with confidence and consistency using our trading signals via the Nadex platform.

Find out more about us, where we have been and where we are going to helping you become a first class trader.

Chris G. Co-Owner DexFxMarkets.

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