Trading Nadex Through the News!

Utilize the “Dex Atomic” strategy while trading through the news on Nadex!

In this episode, watch Trader Maxx as he utilizes the Dex Atomic strategy while trading Nadex through the news. So, what is the news, you might be asking yourself. The news could be something like this… About half way through the month you’re going to get the FOMC News Batch: this is a news block of Mortgages, Core, FOMC and all the 1 to 3 bull news stuff that happens from 8:30 A.M. EST. and continues throughout the day.

The old Maxx would simply have told you to avoid the news like the plague! Yes, and you’re still gonna have to be weary, okay? You still have to be a little bit careful when it comes to trading through the news on Nadex! But the good news is that on news days, where you’ll see a tremendous amount of news. You can still trade! In fact, you can still trade on regular news days as well!

How can Dex Fx Markets trade successfully through the news?

What Dex Fx Markets does, is that when we get pairs that go against the grain or go with the grain we really pay close attention! And for the ones that have a large grain going against it and it’s in a negation? Well, we avoid taking those signals.

For more information watch this video as I go into more detail, and offer great tips on trading Nadex through the news while using our “Dex Atomic” Strategy. Thanks for tuning-in and hope to see you inside!

Xedan vs Manual Trading on Nadex – Webinar

We had a Live Webinar the other day!

It was about our Xedan vs Manual Trading on Nadex. It started out with a great explanation of our Xedan Trading Bot. And included the importance of implementing our Dex Fx Markets manual trading strategies, using our signals on Nadex. The discussion panel consisted of some of our senior traders. And believe me, it was an informative and energetic conversation! Because it was all about our Xedan Auto Trader Bot and manual trading.

So, who will win this fight between the Xedan Auto Trader Bot and manual trading on Nadex? Tune-in, to this Live Webinar, Xedan vs Manual Trading on Nadex below. Listen, as we discuss the outcome of this never-ending battle between two great trading strategies. Because you might just be surprised, as to who will finally wear this “Crown of Victory!”