The Xedan System

Lets take a Look at the Xedan System

The Xedan has been designed so that even novice traders can begin using it right away!

It has a simple and Easy to Use User Interface (UI)

Along with the video training that comes inside the Member Portal, the user interface is easy to use and totally customizable. So depending on your strategy you can set many variables with ease. Everything is outlined in simple, few minute long video’s that anyone can follow! We mean anyone.

If you can turn a computer on then you have the capability of using the Xedan to it’s full potential.

Set Your Strategies with Ease

While it is true that the bot uses signals from the different signal sets on Dex Fx Markets, Each version is 100% Customizable. Including choosing which pairs to trade down to the hour, how much to set the buy and sell prices at and how many contracts to place on each!

The Xedan includes full Training on the Nadex Package with the Data Processing Center and Much More!

So just to reiterate with the Xedan system you get Everything from all the signal sets, to all the training, indicators, strategies with a super massive video library that has made Dex a recognizable brand!

With one to one chats with our top traders for help, suggestions and all things trading. Making your membership and stay with us an enjoyable educational and profitable experience.

Thank you for reading we look forward to seeing you inside.

Trader Paul

A proud partner of Dex fx markets.

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The Xedan System

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