The Xedan Nadex Auto Trader in Action, 1 hour Nadex Strategy

Have you been searching for A True Nadex Auto Trader? The Xedan Nadex Auto Trader is a stand-alone software that trades just like you would! Set your strategy and let it trade! Watch as Maxx from Dex FX Markets sets his 1-hour strategy! Then click the button below to get more details on how you can get your license for the Xedan Nadex Auto Trader.

You better hurry though, only 300 Total licenses will be released and almost 1/2 are gone!

The Xedan Nadex Auto Trader

Can a bot successfully trade on Nadex? Members now sharing their personal results

From Victor SA

We Did It – FULL WEEK NO Manual Trades Just AUTO TNT BOTAverage Earnings $100 a day – Total Profit $474.50 Wins 15 (83.30%) Losses 3 Total Orders Placed 18 – Contracts placed 31. Managed Bot – Planned Week On Sunday made daily changes and on occasion made midday changes. Consistency, Volume and Gain – Now just increase contracts as profits grow!!!

The Xedan Trading System Now has 2 bots AND includes the Full Nadex Package now with 7 signal sets!

You can get more details about the Xedan System here:

Xedan Trading System