How 99% of the trading industry is living in the dark ages

99% of the trading industry is living in the dark ages.

That means that most people are still ignoring the technological advances that have taken place.

For example…

8 days running on the Cable bot (previously the Presidential) we have made.

33.28% 1 whopping $1,005.64 in 8 DAYS!!!!

Sorry I mean

33.42% since I wrote the top amount and it changed I thought I would show you.

$1009,80 but it just put more trades on as well…

I love this thing.

Oh, and I made it a brother called the Fiber for the EUR/USD that does just as well.

If you counted everyone’s account together in our network the company made over $12,000 in real profit for our members just this past week…

Click the link to find out how ANYONE, with or without trading experience, Can Average Up to 25% monthly returns  (with virtually zero risk of total loss) in as little as 30 days… On complete AUTOPILOT.

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